07 March, 2016

Silver Age

Had my best ski day of the season yesterday at Caberfae Peaks. Really great snow all day, no lift lines, perfect temps and was really on my game. Pretty early I ended up chatting with a couple on the chairlift, and then skiing with them for most of the morning. A bit later, we were joined by Batman (there's a whole other blog post on this coming...). The four of us were just hot lapping the hill skiing fast and smooth. It was really a blast.

Mid-way through the morning talk on the chair turned to what year we all graduated from High School. My three companions all graduated in '97. After hearing this, I remark that I'm a bit older then as I graduated in '84. Marcy turns to me and says, "Damn, I'd have never guessed that. Then you're really on it - especially with how you ski...". This was a bit of an introspective moment for me. And skiing is an introspective place where I can pause and reflect on life, it's milestones, and other big thoughts.

I turned 50 in February. Oddly, I wasn't dreading the birthday, in fact, I was looking forward to it. One of my favorite musicians, Bob Mould, has a song called "Silver Age" (listen here, if you like) that really kind of sums up how it feels to be 50 for me. Bob's a few years older than I am and the last time I saw him live he put on the most energetic, powerful, raw performance I've seen in a long time. Not bad for 55.

I realized that in my 49th year, I rode my bicycle more miles than I've ever ridden, completed my first Century, skied hard in Michigan and Colorado, and caught a 36" muskie on the fly. Since my birthday, I've dropped a few pounds, being skiing and riding the trainer pretty intensely, and am setting up to really get in the best shape in decades. I'm heading to Northern Wisconsin in October to chase really big Muskies. And, in two weeks I'll be skiing in Colorado.

All of this really gave me some positive mental energy. I'm not slowing down. If anything, I'm speeding up (one could argue that you gain momentum when you're going downhill, but I'll take a more positive interpretation). And, that feels pretty fucking good. Or, as Bob so eloquently says:

"Stupid little kid wanna hate my game
I don't need a spot in your hall of fame, no
What a fucking game, yo
I'm wiping my face of the shit you say
In the silver age I walk away singing
The silver age is calling out a melody"

Rock on, Bob. Thanks for inspiring old guys like me to be better. The Silver Age is indeed calling out a melody...