28 April, 2017

Time Away...

The blog and I needed a little break - it's not that I've slowed down on enjoying the outdoors - but I'd kind of lost my inspiration. I find that my best blogging happens when I'm energized. Between the Holidays, the weird Michigan Winter, and the pesky day job, it was time to channel my energies elsewhere. But now I'm back and motivated. Plenty of cool outdoor antics that I'll be writing about, including:

  • The addition of a couple of new bikes, First a Seven Evergreen SL gravel bike to fuel my new location's access to exceptional dirt roads. Then just yesterday a big upgrade in the land of singlespeed mountain bikes - a Niner One 9 aluminum singlespeed which moves me to a more race-oriented singlespeed mountain bike. I'm looking forward to tweaking and tuning this one just for me. the Specialized Crux has already left the stable, and the SE BM Flyer will be next.
  • A decent Michigan ski season, despite some truly weird weather. 
  • My first impressions of my new Shaggy's Bootjack 115 powder skis.
  • Another outstanding ski trip to Colorado.
  • A new carry gun - Springfield XDS.
  • Getting my new (to me) house set-up as base camp for my outdoor antics.
  • Some fun hikes both near my home and in NW Michigan.
...and lots more. Stay tuned. Cool stuff coming.


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